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Facts and Questions:


How long does a typical session last?
Each individual therapy session lasts for 60 minutes.

How many sessions do I need to book?
It depends a lot on what you need. I offer both short and long 1-1 contacts, which is an agreement based on needs, but also smoother contact during coaching, every other week and then an estimated between 6 and 20 sessions.

How do I know if I need therapy?
If you are here, there is probably something that causes you discomfort or pain, or that you want to grow and develop as a person. Some seek without having "problems" but rather seek for meaning or find themselves searching for existential meaning in their life that can be handled in therapy.

Are online coaching and therapy as effective as in a personal meeting?
Absolutely. Online coaching / psychotherapy is one of the fastest growing methods of therapy therapy. Online contact gives us the opportunity to connect anywhere and gives you more flexibility in your scheduling. Meetings are offered with the help of a secure and easy-to-use online video conferencing platform called "Zoom," which is encrypted and secure.

How can I pay? Are there payment plans?
Most people prefer to pay via Paypal or invoice today but can also be done via Swish if it works for you. I offer a number of customized group prices, please contact me and we can discuss which specific according to your needs.

Do you offer therapy to children?
No, I currently only accept adults, but a central part of therapy is also to look at the needs of the inner child, regardless of age.

Are you prescribing medicine?
I don't. Only doctors are authorized to administer medication. I practice psychotherapy and coaching and take holistic theories and techniques, but if necessary I can make recommendations about which doctors to see if there may be a need for medication.

Can I contact or call you outside the sessions?
You can always contact me via e-mail outside the sessions and I will do my best to answer the same day or at the latest within 12 hours. If you need to schedule a session out of time, we can discuss and find a time that suits us both.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength” 

Sigmund Freud

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