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Christina, 48 yrs
Yoga instructor

"I connected instantly with Roshi. Since working with her I've understood what needs I have, and can express my needs, set healty boundaries and this has really reduced my anxiety and improved my relationships. It was hard work but I understood the history of my childhood traumas and was able to understand why I was feeling the way I was, and stop avoiding and self sabotaging. These insights will always be with me and with the exercises I'm able to continue the practice long after I've finished therapy. I can highly recommend Roshi, it was the best investment!

"Roshi was so good at explaining everything, she made sense of my thoughts and feelings and provided me with the tools and strategies to understand and embrace my emotions. She always asks the right questions and helps direct me in the direction that I need to focus. She is direct and clear and there was no time wasted. I've recommended her to all my friends!"

Susanne, 38 yrs

"Therapy has a whole new meaning to me after working with Roshi. It was such an interactive process, where she helped me take ownership of my own life and work towards goals I didn't know I had. I've since started a new job and built up the courage to start dating again! The future doesn't give me anxiety anymore, I look forward to it!" 

"I was feeling lost, anxious and stuck in my life when a friend recommended me Roshi. From the first consultation Roshi had such a compassionate, grounding yet direct presence. She created such a safe space by giving me the confidence and tools to be vulnerable and face by fears, limiting beliefs and courage to feel my feelings. I can't recommend her enough!"

"You really are in your element and in the right job. You must help so many people! Thank you for what you've done for me."

"I was suggested therapy by my collegue at work who had noticed that I hadn't been "myself" in a while, and I was sceptical. From the first session with Roshi, she knew exactly what to say and made sense of my situation, in a way that I couldn't myself put into words. She helped me see my blindspots and for me to vocalize my pain, because I didn't want to admit it, but I was in pain. She called me on it! She was so good at explaining things and helped me see where I needed healing. Where I was stuck. Her exercises and integrating the work into my life have given me the tools I need to get out of my own way and start living again. My collegues, friends and husband all see the change and I'm so grateful to her!"

"If you question whether or not it'll be worth it, don't. Every session has helped me grow, create awareness in my life and make behavioral changes for ME. I can't believe I didn't start this when I was younger. Therapy isn't necessarily for mental illness, for me it was personal development on all levels. Invest in your health!!"

Magnus, 53 yrs

"I had it all, on the outside, but on the inside there was this gaping hole that I couldn't get rid off. A friend recommended me to Roshi and that was the beginning of a lot of unfolding that I didn't know I needed to do. I realised I had traumas from my childhood, that I had shut down and kept down throughout all my life. Understanding my family patterns, inner child healing and creating my own healing space has opened my eyes in a way that I can't put into words. Breaking my patterns and becoming aware has helped me connect to my children and relationships in a completely new way, that I didn't think I was capable of. This work has not only impacted my life, but the life of everyone around me, and I can't thank Roshi and her working methods enough."

"I met Roshi at a time of crisis, separating from my wife of many years and the insights, limiting beliefs and breakthroughs I had about my own personal life was truly life changing. Thank you for the therapy, guidance and the space you held for me, I am ready to live now, without fear holding me back."

Anders, 54 yrs

Cassandra, 36

Jenny, 34 yrs

Hans, 46 yrs

Julia, 38 yrs

Johanna, 57 yrs


clients have achieved:

Feeling more alive and fulfillment in their lives

- Managing their thoughts and feelings

- Going after important goals

- Setting healthy boundaries


Getting out of plateau/ procrastination

- Identifying what’s important and necessary changes

- Building structures in their lives

- Creating healthy routines

Better work performance

- More impact in their current jobs

- New jobs and opportunities

- Promotions


- Evolved their relationships in their personal life creating happiness and belonging

- Courage to engage in relationships in their personal lives

- Create joy, context and belonging



- Understanding the inner child, nurturing and healing

- Identify and stop self sabotage

- Build confidence and self love

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