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Psychedelic Integration Therapy


Psychedelic experiences can be very powerful and have the potential to create positive changes, but they can also be overwhelming and uncomfortable and in some cases quite traumatic if experienced in an unsafe environment. Psychedelic integration can be particularly helpful if you’ve had a challenging experience and want help with understanding yourself and your experience. Sessions are non-judgmental and carried out with openness and curiosity, to look into the difficult experiences and emotional consequences to create a overall picture of the experience and its meaning in your life. 

Although all the more common, and even with positive and extremely meaningful experiences, psychedelic experiences can leave many feeling lost and misunderstood by their community, friends or family. There can be profound insights and processings around past traumatic experiences, that can be frightening to acknowledge and would require significant life changes that can be hard to understand and integrate into your life. It is in those situations that integration therapy can be helpful, to look at how to integrate the experiences into your life, to create long term positive changes. Psychedelic integration therapy is designed to help you make sense of psychedelic experiences, as the major benefits from psychedelics occur after the journey has ended.




Psychedelics have become all the more popular, and many clients contact me to ask questions about psychedelics in relation to mental health or personal development. My role in the consultation is not to advise on psychedelic substances but rather to answer any questions you may have or provide knowledge and support to help you make as good and safe choices as possible. Psychedelic experiences can affect your health and there are several risks that need to be considered before making the right decision. 


Do not hesitate to contact me as I’d be happy to explain further and answer any questions that you may have on this topic.

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