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Feeling Lost? Blocked emotions? Stuck?

identify your patterns.
Heal your Traumas. 

Empower your Life.

Purpose | Relationships | Personal Growth


"The hummingbird symbolizes healing, joy, agility and vibrancy, and reminds us to welcome diversity in our lives and to honor the richness of variety, rest & recovery." 


A no bs & integrative approach

Whether you choose to start Psychotherapy or Coaching, I offer customized sessions including tools, personal check-ins and material tailored specifically for you to get to the root of your limiting beliefs, emotional pain or behavioral patterns that are not serving you. This means doing the necessary work, deep diving, understanding your process and evolving towards your goals of a happier and more fulfilled life.


My clients vary in age and come from all walks of life but are typically high-functioning and successful on the outside, yet struggle on the inside with issues like anxiety, emptiness and recurring unhelpful patterns in relationships and other areas of life. Many are unaware or unable to identify what it is that “feels off”, they just have a sense of wanting more from themselves, their relationships or from life. 

Key benefits of Therapy & COACHING

Psychotherapy and Coaching are both aimed at realizing the client's true motives, values and emotions regarding the issues at hand. Although they have similar methods , the goals can be different. I work using various integrative methods determined by Your needs. This means finding the most effective way of achieving your goals, by either revisiting the past to understand (if necessary, and a more therapeutic approach) or focusing on the present and working towards the future whilst focusing on emotional and professional growth.

Life coaching

Life coaching is relevant for individuals whose main purpose isn't to treat mental illness but want to make life changes and achieve certain goals. Coaching helps you using various psychological tools to successfully implement these changes and achieve your life goals. For example, it can be about personal development, self-esteem, motivation, balance in life, relationship difficulties, practice in learning to say no and set boundaries, which PREVENTS the onset of mental illness. 

Below are some common themes addressed:

Get clarity in your purpose


Break through limiting beliefs.

Overcome your fears and set goals.

Identify & Create the life you want to live.

THrive in your relationships

Heart & Hands

Embrace self- care.  

Experience personal growth.

Step into your power & set boundaries.

Heal and master your emotions

self esteem.png

 Grow your self- confidence.

Reinforce new patterns and achieve goals.

Understand, heal & manage your emotions.

Somatic breathwork

Who is Somatic Breathwork for?

Breathwork might be right for you if...

You desire to clear out mental/ emotional blockages. 

You are looking to release supressed emotions, trauma, anxiety or stress.

You want to move through whatever is holding you back from creating the life you truly want. 

You desire a safe container to express the emotions that have laid dormant within your nervous system.

You want to connect to a higher version of yourself. 

Anyone looking for:

Releasing of trauma, stress or anxiety.

Stress management.

Sleep imptovement.

Nervous system regulation.

Clarity within life.

Seeking their own personal transformation.


I am a licenced Psychotherapist and Holistic Life Coach, with 10+ years of experience in treating disorders such as depression, burnout, anxiety, life crises and relational difficulties. 

I'm not your "typical therapist". I'm very honest in my assessments and intention oriented to get my clients to where they want to be. My therapy style is non-judgmental , compassionate and warm, but I don't "sugar coat". I will call you on your BS and be clear when you self sabotage. I attach great importance in developing a genuine relationship with each client, as this is the foundation for emotional security and development. Personal develoment and growth is hard work and there are no “cutting corners”, which is why "doing the work" is hard and can be challenging.

My strategy is based on evidence-based methods, including Psychodynamic Theory (PDT), Trauma Informed, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based Techniques, Somatic Breathwork and Elements of Holistic Theory.

Types of services:
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30 min

The goal of the consultation is to get clear on where you're stuck, what your needs are and what's currently not serving you. For you to describe what problems you are facing and what outcomes & goals you are looking for.
We'll create a plan based on therapeutic tools and coaching techniques to get the results you need, so that you can integrate them in your life and move towards wellbeing.

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60 min


When we start working together, the following sessions are 60 mins in duration.


Every session is customized to meet your needs, based on where you are in your process but with your intentions and goal in mind.

Sessions are in person or online - to best suit your needs.


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Roshi strongly believes that change comes from within, whether that be the person, group or an organisation.


She is passionate about heartled leadership, personal development and healing.


She offers:

  • Motivational workshops 

  • Fascilitates group sessions in Somatic Breathwork

  • Workshops on various topics by customizing the experience to your specific needs. 

What you resist, persist” 
- Carl Ljung


Are you Ready to take the next steps? 

Schedule a free introductory call and let's get started! 

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