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What has COVID-19 taught us?

COVID-19 is spreading all around the world, and affecting all countries and continents. It's something that is on everyones mind to say the least, and I'd be lying if I, even through all the jokes and meme's said that I was comfortable with what's happening around the world, and just like anyone, therapists have anxiety too! What's going to happen? Will my loved one's be safe?

One thing this pandemic has had me gravitating towards is Gratitude, and love for the littlest things in life. In times of hardship its easy to focus on everything that is going wrong: disrupted vacations, canceled plans, not being able to hang out on the beach or spending time with friends and family - but the only thing that we can all do, is to surrender and focus on the here and now, and to be present and conscious in our daily lives. To focus on our health and our loved ones, to be mindful of hygiene to prevent spread and exposure and to help out wherever we can. I've found this to be a beautiful time to self- reflect, connect with people that I haven't had time to connect with, and offering counseling, to anyone who needs it.

There is a silver lining, with everything shutting down, Mother Earth is recovering, pollution is clearing up and and we are connecting and getting closer and more present with eachother. The main take from all of this i guess is, We are all one, and we are in this together. It doesn't matter what colour you are, what religion you believe in or where you are in the world you are.

WE are ONE. Stay safe out there and be kind. 🌍 ❤ 🙏🏽

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