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Times are changing...

Life as we know has changed. Quarantine, working remotely or maybe even loss of job means that we need to change our approach to what was, and create our own reality. We need to hold ourselves accountable, to ensure we are still maintaining healthy bodies, routines and rituals. 

There needs to be basic routines, get up around the same time every day, exercise, work on your mental wellbeing and make sure you give yourself time off, take time off during weekends and spend time with family and friends regardless if it is virtual or with social distance. 

Give yourself the permission to prioritize time for reflection, set the table when you are eating, and be present. The world around us is chaotic, uncertain and at times scary. By prioritizing your life, routines and making space for alone time, you can control how you want to live, and you will stay present which dissipates the fear and separates you from the chaos. 

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