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Is COVID-19 getting to you? Should you see a therapist to deal with the effects?

"Why you should see a therapist to help you manage the effects of the pandemic, or life in general". 

Many are struggling with the repercussions of quarantine and are feeling more down than usual, hoping that this will pass once “things get back to normal”, but odds are things won’t, and we will be facing a very different reality. Maybe it’s time to talk to someone now, to process the changes you are currently going though, and prepare for the changes that are to come. 

Truth is, we don’t know what is going to happen in the world. We are experiencing a global trauma, affecting everything from economy, to relationships to mental wellbeing. This can affect even the strongest of minds by increased anxiety, sleep irregularities and strains on relationships. Although these are completely normal feelings and reactions, talking to a therapist can really help by organizing your thoughts, voicing your fears and validating your feelings. 

It’s true that talking isn’t going to get you your job back, or help your financial situation, but it can help alleviate the stresses of the global trauma that we are all experiencing together. 

Therapy is unfortunately still tabu. During “normal circumstances”, therapy would be advisable during any time a person feels like they are struggling to cope with their feelings, behaviors or life, and when they need guidance and support with tools to get back on track and take ownership of your life.

In many ways, the pandemic is making us question our lives, how we were living before, things we were taking for granted and all that we want to do once restrictions loosen up and we can start living again. But that said, pandemic or not, if you are experiencing anxiety, difficulties sleeping, changes in appetite and lower mood than normal - these are all signs to see a therapist, to help manage and stop the feelings from growing out of control and developing a mental health issue later down the line. Working from the basis of your feelings in the present moment helps relieve the stresses you might be feeling now, and also give you the tools to stress and worry less. 

Common struggles that many of my clients are going through, and that might be reasons for you to talk to a therapist about might be: 

  • If you are feeling anxiety about the future

  • If you are feeling lonely and overwhelmed by the news

  • You are nervous about your finances and how to make ends meet

  • If you’re struggling with staying motivated whilst quarantined

  • Your relationships with partner or family is feeling the strain from being intensely together

  • If you are worried about your loved ones getting sick

This is just a small list, there are so many other reasons why you might need to talk to a therapist, but this is just to give you an idea, and to break the tabu of Therapy. As long as you want a change in your life, there are no wrong reasons to seek help from a therapist. I offer free consultations online, so that we can look at your needs and see if we can address them, and if I'm a right fit for you. It’s a common misconception that life has to fall apart or that you need to have a serious mental health issue to contact a therapist. I truly believe that everyone should invest in themselves, to feel the best that they can and live full and meaningful lives. So, if any of the above resonates with you, and you want to grow and make a meaningful impact in any area of your life, don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can start this work together! 

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